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COMING SOON - Sale will go live on Thursday evening 26 November 2020 

Be prepared, here's what you need to know:

- Accepting direct EFT payments only during the Cyber Sale period. This is to prevent possible payment gateway glitches and/or delays caused by high volume of online traffic, and to ensure a faster check-out process to secure your order. Payment information will be provided in the order confirmation email. NB: Please double check your email address when placing your order. 

- Please ensure to use the correct reference number (order number) on your proof of payment and to send POP to the supplied email address.  NB: it's recommended to download proof of payment from your banking app and then email it directly, as there may be delays with banks sending POP during this time. 

No Reserves, unpaid orders will be cancelled the next day / 24 hours and product/s will be restocked. Cancelled orders cannot be reinstated. 

- Please note that the cart does not reserve products. Products are only secured when check-out has been completed. **Products may sell out fast due to demand & limited stock.** 

- Due to order volumes, please allow 2 working days (Mon-Fri) for payments to be captured and parcels to be prepared and dispatched.  

- Confirmed orders cannot be amended; can only be cancelled for a new order to be placed.

- Sale period orders cannot be combined (cases where separate orders are placed & requested to be shipped in one parcel) to prevent any order & shipment disputes.

- Due to limited stock and to give everyone a fair chance at grabbing a good deal, there will be quantity limits on most products per customer. 

- Please note that Cyber Sale products will not be restocked once sold out. Restocks may only happen if another order gets cancelled after 24 hours. 

- Free gifts are limited to one item site-wide per customer. Free gifts cannot be added after an order has already been placed, please ensure to add it to your cart before completing your order. 

- All products are brand new and 100% authentic guaranteed.

***FRIENDLY REMINDER: Cart does not reserve products, fastest fingers first! ***


Q:  My product/s disappeared and/or sold out while it was in my cart / while I was busy with check-out? A: This happens when another buyer / buyers had the same or last unit of the product in their cart and completed check-out before you.  Please note that the cart does not reserve products - orders are only secured when check-out has been completed.  Due to demand and order volumes, Black Friday sale products can be expected to sell out fast. Tip: To speed up your check-out process, it is recommended to create an account with your delivery and contact information ahead of time.

Q:  I'm unable to pay with credit card? A: During the Black Friday sale only direct EFT payment option will be made available, reasons being: 1. to ensure a faster check-out process and 2. to prevent possible delays and/or payment disputes by online card payment providers due to online traffic.Tip: it's recommended to download proof of payment and email it through directly as banks may experience delays in sending POP's.

Q: a product I wanted is sold out, will you restock Black Friday sale products? A: The majority of Black Friday stock has especially been procured for the Black Friday event.  Unfortunately there will not be restocks unless there are order cancellations.Tip: Add your email address or request to be notified via Messenger if a product is back in stock (should there be cancellations).  

Q: I'm unable to purchase more than 1 item of certain products? A: Quantity limits have been set (1 per customer) on most products depending on various factors such as price, demand & availability. This is done in order for everyone else to have a fair chance at grabbing a good deal. 

Q: I didn't receive an order confirmation email? A: This only happens when an incorrect / email address with typos have been supplied, please ensure to provide the correct email address to prevent communication issues.

***HINT: Sale products are not currently visible online and will only be visible once the sale goes live from 26 November.***




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