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Love the skin you're in


Hi beauty lover!

Tune up your complexion, make it a habit and the rest will follow!

A good skin care routine can clear your skin and reduce stress & anxiety.

Look good, feel good, love the skin you're in!


Some skin care tips:

- Exfoliate: Get rid of dead skin cells allowing new cells to take their place.

- Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse - twice daily recommended.

- Toners: Toning removes all the pollution particles that settle on your skin.

- A moisturiser is a staple in any proper skin care routine, regardless of your skin type including acne prone & oily skin.  Remember, stripping your skin of oils will cause break outs.  Keep your skin moisturised.

- Never squeeze blackheads & pimples!

- Treat your skin gently.

- Protect your skin from the sun! Remember to take extra precaution when using skin care products that contain exfoliants.

- Always read and follow usage instructions on products.

Standard routine:

Daily: 1. Cleanser | 2. Toner | 3. Serum | 4. Moisturiser

Weekly: Exfoliate & Face Mask


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